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My Design Process: Grit, Optimism, Passion, Determination, Diplomacy, Cross-Functional Collaboration and Strategy. 

Current Loves: blackwing pencils, my fender p-bass, grid paper, southern literature, french press coffee, vintage typewriters and beasts of all kinds. 



BIO: I was a successful trial attorney in Philadelphia battling it out in Family, Domestic Violence and Criminal courts. Needing a more creative outlet and looking for a change, I moved to the West Coast to let my geek flag fly.

While in the midst of Hackbright Academy, the all-women's engineering bootcamp in San Francisco, I fell in love with interaction design and the rest is UX history. 

I currently work as a UX Designer at Yeti, LLC - a software product, design and development firm. We build awesome things in our tiny shop. 

UX Superpowers: User Research and Analysis, Interaction Design,  Agile Methodologies, Collaboration, Client Wrangling. 



Wanna Chat? 

I love meeting other designers, creatives and geeks for feedback and inspiration.

Drop me a line if you have an interest in working together or just want to say hi. 

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Yeti Design Squad. 

Yeti Design Squad.