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Bringing poetry to the people. 

Magnetic Poets is a click-and-drag word tile game designed to encourage creative writing and gently nudge would-be poets over their writer's block and fear of writing. It is designed in a sleek interface that emphasizes modernity and the cultivation of cool.

The project seeks to establish a strong visual aesthetic and to interact with users in a sensory-rich environment.




Magnetic Poets was born on a white-board and thematically consists of 5 iconic poets of varying writing styles, eras and representative themes.

Using Python based word analysis a set of 100 graphically designed magnetic tiles is rendered based on which poet the user selects.

Each tile set consists of refreshable selections from two sets of data; one consisting of "signature" words, those most thematically connected to the writer and one consisting of "connecting" words or those words that connect other parts of speech to make prose. Each tile is maneuverable to the graphically rendered chalk-board using jQuery UI widgets.



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Magnetic Poets uses Flask as it's web structure, Python and Javascript to generate and automate the tiles, Python and Jinja for each web-page and is lovingly designed on the front-end using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.